4 Week Intro to Ashtanga Series
to Jan 27

4 Week Intro to Ashtanga Series

Are you curious about what Mysore is and how Ashtanga differs from other yoga practices?

Are you a student who already practices the series and wants to take a deeper look into the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System?

During this 4 week series, we will break down the different parts of the primary series, discuss the history and philosophy of the Ashtanga practice, break down the Sanskrit, and ultimately help you build a practice with awareness of how the eight limbs support you.

4 weeks of unlimited Mysore included

4 3 hour workshops with practice included


*If you must cancel, you can use credit towards a future    series.

*Can be purchased as a gift. 

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3 Days of Mysore with Jade Skinner
to Mar 31

3 Days of Mysore with Jade Skinner

Join us for 3 mornings of Mysore style Ashtanga yoga. Jade Skinner will be joining us from St. Petersburg, FL where she runs a mysore program at The Electric Body Company. Jade is a student of David Keil, Greg Nardi, & Tim Feldmann. 

Come experience her down to earth style! 

Mysore Practice

The ‘Mysore Style’ method is named after the city where Ashtanga teacher, Sri K. Sharath Jois lives and teaches, continuing this teaching style from his teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his teacher, Krishnamacharya. In this special class, you learn to take individual responsibility for your yoga practice and develop a deeply trusting relationship with your teacher. With proper skill and dedication, this approach is perhaps the safest way to learn more advanced asanas or postures.  By committing yourself fully to one yoga style, one teaching method and a regular practice, you open the door to deeper levels of your body, mind and spirit.  

Students will be scheduled a start time according to there knowledge of the series.  

*Beginners welcomed.  Some knowledge of the Primary series is helpful in attending this class, but not required.

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Sound Healing Spiritual Journey
1:00 PM13:00

Sound Healing Spiritual Journey

In this sound healing experience, you will set an intention for the session and take a journey into deeper consciousness guided by drumming, crystal singing bowls and other indigenous instruments. The high vibrating singing bowls will push all negative energy out of your body and your aura, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace. The buffalo drum and other sounds will guide your travel to other realms of the spirit world and will help you connect with ancestral guides to receive messages and answers to your questions.

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Reiki Sessions
to Dec 16

Reiki Sessions

With each individual Reiki session from me, you can expect to feel more balanced, peaceful, connected and will gain insight into your current questions about life. My work consists of a unique mixture of spiritual and intuitive guidance, indigenous healing practices, hands on Usui Reiki healing and various approaches. Each individual Reiki session will include all of the following techniques listed below:


Together we will take an inventory of your chakra energy and determine which energy centers have blockages or excess energy. I will guide universal healing Reiki energy through your body with touch and massage to clear blockages and restore your body, mind and spirit back to a centered, balanced state. I use various indigenous medicines to clear your field/aura and protect your energy during sessions including sage, cedar, palo santo, sweetgrass, copal & frankincense.


The powerful, high vibrations from various sound healing instruments will vibrate your entire body down to the cellular level. This technique addresses energy blockages and will literally push out any low-vibrating, negative energy lingering in your body or energetic field. Sound also has a direct impact on mental and emotional states, nervous system, muscles, digestive system, heartbeat, pulse & circulatory system. Some instruments I may use in your session include Crystal Singing Bowls, Chinese bells, Buffalo Drum, Gourd & Ayoyotes Rattle. The vibrations from these ancient & sacred instruments will enter your body and your heart. The sounds will allow you to journey deep within yourself, connecting your inner consciousness with other spiritual realms.


Therapeutic grade doTerra essential oils will enhance your experience, decrease stress levels, reduce pain, increase relaxation & allow you to enter into a deeper meditation. I have extensive knowledge of essential oils and will intuitively pick the oils that I feel you need in that moment.


Crystal healing involves placing precious gem stones on and around your body, raising your vibration. Crystals have various healing properties and have been used for thousands of years to ward off illness and negative energy. This technique allows positive energy to flow into the space and negative energy to flow out. Some of my favorite crystals I like to use during Reiki sessions include: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, Obsidian, and various Calcites.





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